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Dive into the Food Valley

In the green of a great plain, only 20 minutes from Parma, and not far from the historic Roman road, the Via Aemilia, you will find us in the centre of the Food Valley. We provide a welcome stopover if you choose to visit the province of Parma, for business or pleasure
On this page we tell you what you can see in the surrounding area. If you have questions or would like to receive more travel tips, email us at


Its historic centre is a constant surprise. You can start from the Duomo and the Baptistry, overlooking one of the most beautiful medieval piazzas in Italy. The exploration of the city continues with frescos by Correggio in the Camera di San Paolo, in the former Convent of San Paolo, and in the cupola of the Abbey of San Giovanni Evangelista. The nearby Teatro Regio is also always worth a visit. And then a few steps away are the Palazzo della Pilotta, the Farnese Theatre and the works of art in the National Gallery. The streets for shopping are Via Cavour, Via Mazzini and Strada Repubblica. For lunch or a drink, we recommend the central Via Farini. Or if you just want to relax in the open air try the Parco Ducale.

Castelli del Ducato (Castles of the Duchy)

The Castelli del Ducato are more than twenty castles, fortresses and strongholds in the provinces of Parma and Piacenza where you can enjoy fabulous landscapes and romantic views. Do you dream of such a trip? Among our favourite destinations are Fontanellato Castle and the Palace of Colorno, the Castello di Torrechiara and the Bardi, perched on a spur of red jasper, between the peaks of Parma.

Fidenza Village

More than a hundred brands to choose from, luxury or more affordable, all year round. Fidenza Village is the place for you if you’re after something fashionable. Italian and international fashion labels, discounts and promotions for a whole day dedicated to your most elegant shopping.

Terre Verdiane

Just minutes from our hotel, in the hamlet of Roncole, you can visit the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi. In Busseto there is the National Museum of Giuseppe Verdi, dedicated to the works of the master, the Teatro Verdi and Palazzo Orlandi, home of the teacher in the mid-nineteenth century. In the countryside, on the border between the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, is Villa Sant'Agata, the composer's residence for fifty years.

Labirinto della Masone (Labyrinth of Masone)

This is the largest maze made of bamboo in the world, with a route of over three kilometres, immersed in an estate embraced by long rows of poplars. The complex also includes more than five thousand square metres of space dedicated to art and culture. The Labirinto della Masone is near Fontanellato, a five-minute drive from our hotel.

Musei del Cibo (Food Museums)

It not called Food Valley by accident. The province of Parma is the birthplace of some of the most beloved Italian products in the world. To discover them, you can spend one or more days to visit the Food Museums. The Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano is in Soragna, in a former dairy farm on the outskirts of the village. It is also worth making a detour for the Museum of Ham in Langhirano, to discover the secrets and curiosities of true Parma ham. It’s even worth going on the short trips proposed by the Salami Museum, in the cellars of Felino Castle, and museums devoted to pasta, tomatoes and wine.